Research on Demand Practice

Looking for bespoke research to be carried out, whether you are an Investor, Market Researcher, Analyst or Corporate user, we can generate the intelligence reports for you to support you make decisions with confidence.

Investors - We deliver bespoke data and insights you need to make the right investment decision and improve investor deal flow. We can provide information on the company financials, current investors, founders, board members and investment raised.


Assessing the technical capabilities, security posture, independent risk scores, and financials of every competing solution in the market is time consuming and frustrating. Our Research Practice provides you with a custom synthesised & condensed report every month or on-demand with just the metrics you want to see.

Market Researchers

Sales and marketing information direct from vendors doesn't cut it. Our research arm can furnish you with highly focussed industry-specific intelligence for a specific vendor or supplier without bias or obfuscation.

Case Studies

Private Sector Case Study


A Private Equity firm engaged us to find British Cyber security providers with a rev of sub £1m, led with innovation, and were at least two-years old for their cyber investment portfolio. With the power of Jenny, we provided this information much faster and more cost efficiently than any traditional methods.

Government Case Study


A Government Agency engaged us to identify technology organisations with truly innovative solutions and to keep them informed on industry trends and monitoring for significant emerging technologies.

Commercial Procurement Consulting Service

Planning Procurement

We make sure it's done right, working with your finance team to understand budgets and with your technical teams to develop requirements. Our strategic sourcing makes sure you get the ideal combination of suppliers.

Developing RFP

Leave your RFI and RFP documents to us. We design, develop and draft them based on your commercial principles, and draw up the criteria for evaluating tenders and drafting contracts.

Managing RFP

We handle supplier communications and manage clarification questions from inside and outside your business, building trust with the suppliers.

Analysing Proposals

We review suppliers' commercial proposals so you can compare tender submissions easily. We also analyse the bid responses financially and provide benchmarking.

Evaluating Tenders

We work with your technical and programme to score tenders and can take the lead on commercial scoring. We can support or lead internal governance reviews - a great way to explain to internal stakeholders why you've chosen a bidder.

Commercial Negotiating

We support or lead pricing negotiations, so you contract a value-for-money solution that's actually deliverable. We can also handle contract negotiations to make sure the agreement delivers your desired project outcomes.

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